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Florentina Zloteanu

Florentina is the founder of Iris Health Studio and is fully qualified to practice sports rehabilitation, sports massage, reflexology and pilates. In 2014 Florentina completed a Fellowship of Applied Functional Science from Gray Institute, Michigan USA and holds a Matwork Certification in pilates. In addition, Florentina holds accreditations with BASRat, APPI and the Association of Reflexologists. Her reflexology expertise was sealed with a diploma from Regents University, under the supervision of Louise Keet – a highly respected and well known industry trailblazer.

For the last 15 years she has dedicated herself to helping people overcome injury, stress and anxiety; and it is often commented that she has a gentle, trustworthy and caring nature that quickly puts people at ease and enables them to experience relaxation at a level they’ve never previously experienced.

Florentina believes in educating her patients and will go the extra mile to ensure they learn how to experience greater wellbeing in all aspects of their life.

Florentina is a soft tissue specialist and uses her expertise in manual therapy and rehabilitation to help return individuals to full, functional fitness.

Her clients include everyone from working mums and sports professionals, such as football and rugby players, runners and athletes, to private clinics and hospitals – she has a real gift for helping people to ‘transform’ the way they feel about themselves, and is completely tuned into the mind, body and soul of the patient.

You can contact Florentina on 07828745095?or email

Virginia Jeleascov (Mika)

Mika is fully qualified to teach dance and aerobics, and holds Batchelor’s and Master’s degrees in Sports and Physical Education. When she’s not helping people to improve their fitness levels, she’s furthering her knowledge by attending specialised workshops and learning the very latest techniques.

For the last 18 years she has dedicated herself to teaching people how to dance and is adept at teaching everyone from complete beginners to international professionals. Mika has developed her own powerful techniques that suit all ages, and is known for her ability to help people to feel completely at ease, and to bring out the talent in those who previously felt they had no ability at all.

Mika believes in teaching her clients to love dancing and to use it as a medicine to greater wellbeing, better health, and making it the perfect way to relax after a hard day. Words that are commonly used to describe her are: easy to understand, conscientious, focussed, a great communicator and funny.

She holds both one-on-one private sessions and group sessions, and often helps people with dance competitions and even wedding events.

If you are looking for a teacher that can help you achieve your fitness goals in a professional and light-hearted way, Mika is the one for you.

You can contact Mika on 07507410001 or email

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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